Project Description

We were probably about 10 years too early with The Tube. It was revived in a time of MySpace, but with Facebook and YouTube Live, Twitter and the rest, it could have been massive.

Stephen was approached to produce a top secret “music show” and it was only a few days in that he realised he had been given the tremendous responsibility of reviving The Tube – a proper icon of British broadcasting.

Okay, so we were on the radio, but it was clear from the outset that the spirit of the original show needed to live on. He watched a couple of episodes and enjoyed the full blown anarchy of it all and thought that was probably the best starting point.

The music was easy, with co-producer Tom Smetham, they managed to bring on board some amazing acts from DJ Shadow and Kasabian, to up-coming acts like Enter Shikari, Camera Obscura, Clinic, Eskiimo (later The Ting Tings) and Akira The Don.

Then came the presenting talent, we had Blur’s Alex James; Emily Rose; Manchester’s very own, Anthony Wilson; and Blue Peter’s longest serving presenter, Konnie Huq.

It may have only lasted one series, but wow, it was great fun. They took over Blueprint Studios in Manchester, worked with the top music production team of The Production Office (Take That, Muse) and as Stephen’s first big producing job since leaving ITV, it was one heck of an experience!