Project Description

Sometimes you take on a challenge, just to test what you can do, it’s not about the money, it’s more about the creativity.

This was one of those cases, we met Pilione, the boss of La Famiglia in Hale, Greater Manchester. It was probably the pasta, it may have been the formidable wine, but either way, we offered to help him create some videos, to show what he could do – and also demonstrate that high end production values were accessible to SMEs.

The filming itself took less than a day, most of that time was getting lights and cameras set up around the restaurant. We used a Sony F5 as the main camera on a track and dolly – this gave us that brilliant slo-mo. The second camera, picking up the audio and cutaways, was a C300. The blackboard at the back? Well actually that’s a television, we wrote the recipe on a blackboard and then hooked up a C100 to feed that picture into the TV!

Considering we threw Pilione in the deep end, he did a great job and really came into his own as the filming went on. The videos have just gone on YouTube and they’re also being shown on the big screen at La Famiglia.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more – and in the meantime, try out some of the recipes – the Fiochetto di Pere e Formaggi was our highlight of the day!

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La Famiglia