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11 June 2017 / By Stephen

39 Pictures was born out of Granada Television, inspired by the teamwork, creativity and knowledge that we were part of something really special.

When you work on a news programme, you have to think fast, react quicker, yet still maintain the quality and originality that a viewer wants.

That’s the same outside of news, because with social media, every brand wants to get their message out quickly, they want to be a central part of the online conversation – they also want it to be high quality, original and creative.

The advantage of 39 Pictures, is that we’ve been there and done that. We’ve also worked on both sides of the divide, having provided strategic communications advice to global organisations and national institutions.

Journalists at heart, but we’re members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for a reason.

The new incarnation of The Tube captures all of the anarchic innovation of the original television show.

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So what does 39 Pictures do?

We like to think we can handle anything. There’s a challenge! But it’s true.

At the high end, we’ve produced live, 12+ camera shoots at the Royal Albert Hall, Manchester Arena and more.

We’ve worked with Premier League stars, A-list actors and some of the biggest bands on the planet.

We’ve produced music, sports and current affairs documentaries for ITV, Channel 4 and cinematic release.

Music and sports series have been aired on YouTube and Channel 4.

In the corporate world, we’ve worked alongside SMEs and multi-billion dollar global businesses. This has included television and online advertising, social media content, internal and external productions, conferences and much more.

In-house we can do live multi-camera streaming to wherever you need it, we’ve got 360 VR, as well as the latest HD and UHD cameras.

We script, we do voice overs, presenting and media training.

At Granada, we were part of the first ever regional news team to win a Bafta. The same year we picked up a National Royal Television Society Award and Broadcast Award. We’ve also got a bunch of regional RTS Awards.

What does 39 Pictures enjoy doing?

We love the challenge. We love pushing our skills to the limit, it’s why we take on some of the work that doesn’t necessarily please our accountant.

If there’s a great story that needs to be told, a huge event that really could make a difference, then that’s where we come into our own.

Obviously, we do have an accountant and they’re keen to point out that we also enjoy hearing from great businesses who have long term video projects and who pay regularly.

We felt that our accountant probably shouldn’t be all that creative – the ones that are tend to have admittedly rather lucrative, but extremely short careers.

So, why not drop us a line and see how we can help you?

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